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Off-season Training

Group clinics, private lessons, and hitting sessions are essential to proper development. Here are the top three local tennis clubs that our girls recommend.   Scroll down to find more tips and workouts!

warren health.jpeg

Warren Health and Racket Club

149 Mt Bethel Rd, Warren, NJ 07059

garden state .jpeg

Garden State Tennis Academy

1 Villa Dr, Edison, NJ 08820


Mountainside Racket Club

1191 Route 22 East, Mountainside, NJ 07092

Additionally, some of our varsity players offer paid hitting sessions/coaching, applying their years of competitive tennis experience. If you are interested please reach out to: 
Isabel Su/ Sophomore, 1st singles, county finalist (
Kate Henderson/ Junior, Varsity Captain, and county finalist  (

Off Season Training : Meet the Coaches
Ball on Tennis Court


Tournament and Match PLay

All of our Varsity players compete in UTR match play and tournaments along with USTA tournaments, to improve their match-playing abilities. Match play is the best way to improve your practical tennis skills and is essential in improving overall tennis intelligence. We encourage everyone interested in playing on the team to play matches in the off-season as it is so essential. 

UTR is a universal tennis rating on a 16-point scale with 16 being the rating of a professional male player and 1 being a new match player. Through UTR you can sign up for level-based match play along with round-robin tournaments. 

USTA is ranked based on region, age, and gender; tournaments are organized likewise. Tournaments are in multiple different formats and a variety of levels. 

Off Season Training : About
Tennis Racket and Ball

Workout Plans

Here you can find all tennis beneficial workouts curated by our captains and are proven for success, everything from balance to weight training for all levels.

Off Season Training : Files


Because Cardio exercise increases blood flow it has a large amount of health benefits. The well known fact is that it improves heart health, lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease, and lowers blood pressure.

Band Training

Coming soon!


Footwork Drills

Coming soon!



Coming soon!


Core Stability

Coming soon!


Plyos and Isos

Coming soon!



Coming soon!


Basic Resistance Training

Coming soon!


Important Workout Tips: 

  • set a specific goal for yourself for motivation 

  • track what exercise you do each day including distances, weights, and reps to see your progress 

  • Sleep is one of the most important factors in athletic performance and muscle growth 

  • take days off and don't overwork yourself, if you are new to a certain exercise build up gradually 

  • make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs  

  • make sure your form is good to prevent injuries 

  • stretch briefly when you are done with a workout to prevent injuries and reduce soreness 

  • knowing your limits and when you could possibly injure yourself and the difference between pain and soreness 

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